Do you want to learn Russian in The Hague or online? We offer tailor-made Russian classes.

Why would you learn Russian?

Are you going to travel through Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express?

Are you doing business with Russian speakers?

Is your partner a native Russian speaker?

Do you want to talk to your bilingual grandchildren in the languages they speak?

Or are you just crazy about Russian Art and Literature?

Are you a beginner or do you want to improve your Russian?

Learn Russian in The Hague and online with Russian class!

We focus on your wishes and personal goals!

Why us?

Time, day, place, duration – your choice! Benefit from flexible schedules and learn Russian at your pace and at any place! -> Read more

The Description of Programmes and fees

We offer private and group lessons for great prices. -> Read more


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Learn Russian in The Hague and online with native speaker professionals

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You can read here about our students’ experiences

Lots of different people have been taken lessons at Russian Class: they are digging in the earth looking for oil and gas or, other way around, developing green energy, they are selling, buying, negotiating. Some of them are also gardening and growing flowers, thanks to them we have lovely Dutch tulips. And there are people who adore Russian culture. And love…  One would do anything for love! Even learn Russian! And don’t forget about wonderful grandparents, whose grandchildren have a Dutch dad, for example, and a Russian mom, for example. So grandma’s and grandpa’s are studying Russian to be able to communicate 100% with their grandchildren and not to miss anything. -> Read more