Corporate training: Russian for business

We customise language Russian classes for businesses, helping you grow your business in Russian-speaking countries.

Our experience

Russian class already has experience delivering corporate Russian language training to international organisations, working in such sectors as:

  • diplomacy and law
  • EU organisations in The Hague
  • oil & gas
  • flowers and agricultural equipment
  • art and theatre
  • religious missions
  • finances and banking

Flexible learning solutions

We design and deliver customised training based on your unique needs and offer a full range of flexible learning solutions for you and your employees including:

  • Russian training to groups of employees at your location in Holland
  • Online business Russian training tailor-made
  • Language testing followed by recommendations and training plans
  • Intercultural communication training for your successful cross-border work and multicultural teams. 

European and Russian Standards

However, we focus on the standards of the European Language Levels system. Also if your business requires to pass the official Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL), we’ll provide it for you.

Modern Russian class

Russian class is a very modern class: we use all available modern gadgets (internet resources, video, interactive games, TV and radio programmes), watching films, playing games, reading “live” Russian texts. Such an interactive way of studying makes our courses pleasant, educational and very efficient. 

Real-world content

We use “real-world” content: our students learn spoken language exactly as we use it in real life by reading and listening to the relevant and interactive material (e.g. newspapers, TV shows, internet posts, radio, and films)., which help to develop “language intuition” to understand and speak with confidence.

Qualified tuition

Russian class tutors are experienced, qualified, passionate and fun teachers. As native-speakers, we do not only teach Russian but we are also proud to show to our students the beauty of Russian culture, arts, and traditions. We explain all aspects of cultural realities that will be important for your future communication in Russian.  About our tutors you can -> read more here. Also here you’ll find some student’s references.

For more information about Russian training business packages, please feel free to contact us.