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This is our TREASURE BOX: here we keep our student’s stories. We are crazy about good stories! We find them very motivating. It makes us really do our best! We want to keep doing our job well and we always looking for your feedback. We will appreciate it very much if you leave your story or comment here!

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Look at some quotes below…

“…Zhanna explained the specifics of Russian etiquette and norms of social behaviour, cultural experiences and national traditions, which made the picture of the language complete.”

S. M.
comment from E.W.

“…Wij hopen dat deze lessen kunnen doorgaan en dat wij mw. Masker voor deze lessen kunnen behouden… “

Resource Center for Civic Initiatives

E. K.

“…We really appreciated her adaptability, her openness and her capability to adapt and to deal with various level between students… We appreciate as well her ability to keep the right pragmatic approach in order to help us to face difficulties with this language, without letting us loosing our motivation.”

G. & A.

(een internationaal bedrijf in Amsterdam)

“Groeten uit Rusland! Ik ben met de trein op weg van Amsterdam naar Shanghai, met stops in Berlijn, Moskou, Jekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Ulan Batar, Beijing en Shanghai. Nu in Irkutsk, een hele mooie stad met prachtige oude houten huizen. Het Baikal meer is fabelachtig mooi en de mensen zijn heel aardig. Het beetje Russische taal dat ik leerde, komt mij heel goed van pas, ik red me vrij aardig en merk dat de mensen het op prijs stellen als je probeert Russisch te praten. Nog veel dank voor de lessen! “

P. K.

“Zhanna obviously puts a lot of time and effort into preparing her lessons, tailoring them to her pupils’ needs. Her lessons are taught with enthusiasm and humor and much background information.

A very good teacher.”

Peter Cooper
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