one-to-one Russian class


Do you want to learn Russian in The Hague or online? We offer tailor-made one-to-one Russian class.






by mutual arrangement

all levels

by mutual arrangement

50 euro/hour

by mutual arrangement

Why would you learn Russian?

Are you going to travel through Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express?

Are you doing business with Russian speakers?

Is your partner a native Russian speaker?

Do you want to talk to your bilingual grandchildren in the languages they speak?

Or are you just crazy about Russian Art and Literature?

Are you a beginner or do you want to improve your Russian?

Learn Russian in The Hague and online with Russian class!

We focus on your wishes and personal goals!

ONE-TO-ONE Russian class designed specially for you!

If you would like to book your Russian class, please contact me.

Feel free to ask any question.

Learning Russian in group.

Are you beginner? Would you like to start learning Russian in group? For group classes, we start with the Cyrillic alphabet, and by the end of the first lesson, you will already be able to read and understand a lot of Russian words! –> read more

Other language levels.

Have you ever studied Russian before? Do you already have certain language skills? –> read more

To define your Russian level

If you are not sure about you Russian language level, you can do the “level diagnostic test” to find our where you should start you next class. –> read more

Conversation class

If you wish to improve your speaking skills and enrich your vocabulary, we designed conversation class “Russian to Perfection”. During this class we will focus less on grammar and more on activities such as talking, listening, reading, and discussing. –> read more

The Description of Programmes and fees

We offer private and group lessons for great prices. -> Read more

Learn Russian in The Hague and online with native speaker professionals

We would be happy to become your Russian tutors and to accompany you on your exciting journey to becoming a Russian speaker! -> Read more

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