Training programmes and fees

Russian class in The Hague and online offers different programmes: individual, group, corporate, intensive, business and professional lessons, online courses, etc.

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Intensive Russian: individual and group lessons

If you are going to Russia, especially to the parts of Russia where people do not speak English, this course will be your “survival kit”  (level A0-1). In a very short time, you will get the most out of your training and be ready to use it immediately! The training is short and efficient. It is based on the communication skills training and your vocabulary (tailored to the specific topic, if need).  The training duration is one week minimum, two-three hours a day, with a bunch of homework. 

General Russian (A0-C2)

This is the classic language course: not too fast, not too slow. The course of each level (A1-C2.) takes about 45 hours, one or two times a week. The courses are developed in accordance with the European Language Levels system. The shortest course you can book is 15 hours. We will cover Conversation Practice, Pronunciation Training, Writing Skills, Reading Skills, Grammar and Vocabulary, paying more attention to your weak points. If you are not beginner, if you were studying Russian before, you would be asked to do the Level Entry Diagnostic Test, which helps us to develop your tailor-made program to achieve your targets. Individual or group lessons.

E-education: individual Russian lessons

If you are not in The Hague or even not in The Netherlands, you can choose our e-training, which is available anywhere, whenever you want. Learn Russian at your own pace and at your own place via Skype, Zoom, The Teams, FaceTime or WhatsApp. See you on the screen! Individual lessons.

Russian lesson via Skype

Business and Professional Russian

This course will allow you to work more effectively in a Russian-speaking professional environment. It will also help you to understand better the Russian style of doing business and cultural etiquette. Individual or group lessons.

Corporate Russian lessons

Corporate training

We design and deliver customized training based on your unique needs and offer a full range of flexible learning solutions for you and your employees  -> Read more