Russian Conversation Class

Russian to perfection






Wednesday at 19.30 starting on September 13th


15 hours (10 lessons x 1,5 h)

290 euro

online / hybrid

You can join The Russian class at any time!

This is a group course with a minimum of two people.

Conversation class “Russian to Perfection” is designed for people who would like to improve their speaking skills and enrich their vocabulary. We will focus less on grammar and more on activities such as talking, listening, reading, and discussing. When it comes to our conversational topics, we always choose the most current news, controversial issues, and intriguing subjects to discuss.

We will utilize various resources to “wake up” and activate your conversational Russian skills, including lexical games, funny videos, exciting audio materials, Russian prose and poetry, newspaper articles, tests, quests, and puzzles.

The program for the “Russian to Perfection” Conversation class includes works by renowned Russian literary figures such as Alexander Pushkin, Anton Chekhov, Ivan Bunin, Leo Tolstoy, as well as 20th-century famous writers like Mikhail Zoshchenko, Daniil Kharms, Boris Akunin, Dina Rubina, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, and others.

You’ll make rapid progress with “real-world” content: you’ll learn spoken language as it is used in everyday life by engaging with relevant and interactive materials such as newspapers, TV shows, internet posts, radio, and films. Through this approach, you’ll develop your language intuition, enabling you to understand and speak with confidence. You’ll start speaking Russian from your very first lesson.

I promise you it will be fun!

See you on September 13th at the Conversation class “Russian to Perfection”!

If you would like to book your Russian class, please contact me.

Feel free to ask any question.

Meet your Conversation class tutor

You’ll learn Russian with an experienced, qualified, passionate and fun teacher. As native-speaker, I do not only teach Russian but I am also proud to show to my students the beauty of Russian culture, arts, and traditions. I explain all aspects of cultural realities that will be important for your future communication in Russian.  You’ll find some useful information about Russian cultural aspects on the pages of our blog “Окно в Россию”/”Window to Russia” -> Russian and English version

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