What? Where? Why us?


You can learn Russian in a group with other students or have tailor-made one-to-one classes.

In a group

We focus on all four main language components: writing, reading, listening and speaking. Our interactive ways of studying (watching films, playing games, reading “live” Russian texts) make our courses pleasant, educational and efficient.

After completing each course with the “Russian class,” you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, which will confirm your achievements in the Russian language –> read more

One-to-one lessons

One-to-one training helps you to learn a language most effectively. The lessons are custom-made: you practice and learn what you really need. The schedule and number of hours are subject to your needs and availability. Different types of our programmes you will find -> here

Time, day, place, duration – your choice! Benefit from flexible schedules and learn Russian at your pace and at any place! Any real place or even unreal (via Skype) can become our Russian class!


Our place, your place, “online space”.

Any location can become our classroom: you can come to my place (in Voorburg), we can meet at your location (office or home): in The Hague, Wassenaar, Voorburg, Rijswijk, Zoetermeer, etc.

If you are not in The Hague or even in The Netherlands, you can choose our Russian e-training, which is available anywhere, whenever you want. Learn Russian at your own pace and at your own place via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Skype session
Skype session / Сессия в Скайпе

Why us?

‘Live’ Russian language.

Progress quickly with “real-world” content: you’ll learn spoken language exactly as we use it in real life by reading and listening to the relevant and interactive material (e.g. newspapers, TV shows, internet posts, radio and films). You’ll develop your “language intuition” to understand and speak with confidence. You’ll start speaking Russian from your very first lesson. It will be fun!

The tuition with experience.

You’ll learn Russian with an experienced, qualified, passionate and fun teacher. As native-speaker, I do not only teach Russian but I am also proud to show to my students the beauty of Russian culture, arts, and traditions. I explain all aspects of cultural realities that will be important for your future communication in Russian.  You’ll find some useful information about Russian cultural aspects on the pages of our blog “Окно в Россию”/”Window to Russia” -> Russian and English version

All levels of Russian language.

You can start from any point. You do not need anything to begin, but your desire. Your teacher will do the rest: find the good materials for you, check your entry level (in accordance with the European Language Levels system), develop your customer program to achieve your business and personal targets. Our interactive ways of studying (watching films, playing games, reading “live” Russian texts) make our courses pleasant, educational and efficient. 

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